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Welcome to Dillinger Middle East!

We supply the best service of Dillinger for Middle East markets.

Due to increasingly tight project time schedules, flexibility and short term supply play a more and more decisive role. Dillinger Middle East’s customers benefit from the fact that they receive ex mill and ex stock products out of one hand.


Invitation: 14th March 2017, The Oberoi - Dubai

Your Dillinger Middle East Team Your Dillinger Middle East Team

Your Dillinger Middle East Team

Your Dillinger Middle East Team

Ex mill business:

Thanks to our close cooperation with Dillinger, we are not only able to offer our customers Dillingers full delivery program ex mill including special products like e.g. sour gas resistant DICREST plates for the Middle East region, but we also stay aware of the latest developments and can offer technical support from our experts.

Ex stock business:

We offer plates for boiler, pressure vessel and offshore construction via our Dillinger India Steel Service Center.

Heavy fabrication:

Additionally, Dillinger Middle East offers prefabricated components like thick walled dished ends and rolled shells, produced by Dillingers heavy fabrication division.

Our Partners:

Stock supply can also be complemented by other Dillinger stockists like AncoferWaldram Steelplates BV, based in the Netherlands and specialised in the supply of hot rolled carbon steel plates. AncoferWaldram Steelplates BV has an excellent reputation as a reliable supplier of commercial dimensions and flame cut sizes.

Presentation of Dillinger: